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Originally intended as a Record Store Day exclusive, pressing delays have led us to push back the release. We are expecting the product in stock on the 17th of May, however due to the problems we've had with the pressing plant this far, it might be slightly later.

With this in mind, this is a pre order, all orders will be send out as soon as we receive the singles! ** THEY HAVE ARRIVED. ALL ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED WITHIN 24 HOURS, UNLESS IT'S A WEEKEND.

Paper Beats Rock
Sin 7" Vinyl
Side A: I've had your tuppence worth and it isn't worth one of mine
Side B: Fucking Decide (Featuring Kory Clark)

The vinyl comes with a download of both tracks as well as bonus track Sin.

Artwork by Christian Sloan Hall & Fucking Decide features guest vocals by Kory Clark of Warrior Soul!