• Image of Old Man Lizard - True Misery

1. Shark Attack
2. Snakes!!!
3. Tree Of Ténéré
4. The Adventures Of Rupert Biggins
5. Trees Fall Down
6. Cursed Ocean, Relentless Sea
7. Misery Is Miserable
8. Return To Earth

After years in the making, Jack Newnham (also of Slabdragger and Meadows), Gav Senior and Dan Beales have returned to the studio to record their third full length album: True Misery, these brutal tales and banging riffs are vital listening for fans of Elder, Baroness, Kyuss, Harvey Milk and Taint.

Jack Newham - Guitar & Vocals
Gav Senior - Bass
Dan Beales - Drums

Violin on 'Misery Is Miserable' by Pete Allen
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Jason Frye at Century Audio
Artwork by 'Sick' Mike Dicken

Released by Wasted State Records

all rights reserved