• Image of Dune - Progenitor


Introducing Dune' Progenitor EP on VINYL!
12", 140g transparent red vinyl, includes download code.

A1 Gravity Signal 1:12
A2 Protostar 6:47
A3 Oscillations Of Colour 5:36
A4 Pillars Of Eternity 1:14

B1 Pillars Of Eternity ctd 0:29
B2 When Planets Die 4:28
B3 Red Giant 4:46
B4 Orbital Remains 4:56

Dune is a 4-piece metal band from Edinburgh, UK. We take influences from a variety of genres including sludge, hardcore, doom, and prog, whilst throwing in an unhealthy addiction to sci-fi novels and film. Long live the Kwisatz Haderach.

Victor Vicart - guitar & vocals
Dan Barter - guitar & vocals
Simon Anger - bass & backing vocals
Dudley Tait - drums & voice
released 12 December 2013
All songs/lyrics written by Dune

Produced by Iain MacDuff at The Bottling Plant Studios

Mastered by Tom Dring - Vagrant Recordings

Artwork by Ross D Mckendrick

All rights reserved by Dune