• Image of Black Talon - Endless Realities
  • Image of Black Talon - Endless Realities

Musically, Black Talon naturally take their cues from classic thrash in the vein of Forbidden, Exodus and Testament but are not just another clone ‘revival’ band content to rehash a few riffs from the 80's and add some lyrics about drinking beer. Instead, their goal is to build ambitious, twisting songs that combine modern technical flourishes with the straight-up speed, memorable hooks and social conscience of their thrash metal forefathers.

Recorded by Graeme Young @ Chamber Studio
Mastered by Alan Douches (Torche, Prong, High On Fire)
Artwork by Christian Sloan Hall @ DeathLord

1. Dead Hand
2. Era Of Suffering
3. Built To Fail
4. Worlds Apart
5. Shadow Science
6. Lunatic Fringe
7. (Nothing Is) All You’ll Ever Be
8. Soul Denied
9. Justify Yourself
10. Obey